Preventive Maintenance

System maintenance is a vital step to ensure your pumps efficiency and dependability.  Waterborne Pumps has an extensive list of preventive services that our factory trained technicians utilize to help identify any potential issues before they occur.

Waterborne Checklist

  • Change oil 
  • Lube bearings 
  • Amp check 
  • Test fuses 
  • Vibration and Noise Check
  • Pump packing adjustments 
  • Valve size check up
  • Full water flow test 
  • Meg reading test 
  • Pressure test
  • Check lines & wiring 
  • Check PLC logic
  • Lamp test
  • Filter cleaning 
  • Check drive operation and heat exchange 

You can help extend the life of your equipment and ensure peak performance during those crucial summer months and year-round by investing in our preventive maintenance program.

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